Thriving Spiritually During a Pandemic!

Family, over the next 7 days, I will share with you 7 Ways to Thrive Spiritually During A Pandemic! Please add these to your daily and family devotions! We will not merely survive corona, but His Church will thrive (Mt. 16:18). Love you much!

Here is the first way we thrive spiritually during a pandemic. These will not appear in any order of priority.

Surrender to the Lord’s Will – Whether He has caused it or is allowing it, Surrender to His Will! Many things God has reserved only for Himself to know (Dt. 29:29). We may never fully know or understand all that the Lord is achieving for His purposes and glory in this. But we do know that ultimately it will be for His glory and our good! So, we say Father, Your will be done!

(Matt. 6:10; Mat 7:21; Mat 12:50; Mat 26:42; Psa 40:8; Mar 3:35; Jhn 4:34; Jhn 6:40; Jhn 7:17; Act 13:22; Act 21:14; Act 22:14; Rom 12:2; Eph 6:6; Col 1:9; 1Th 4:3; 1Th 5:18; Heb 10:7,36; Heb 13:21; 1Pe 2:15; 1Pe 4:2) #Thrive!

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