Meeting One Another’s Needs – Maximized Marriages

I believe that one of the critical keys to having a Maximized Marriage is knowing and meeting one another’s needs on a consistent basis. Many marriages suffer and are less than what they could be due to an ignorance of the needs a spouse has and a willingness to meet those needs regularly. Along with that, knowing when to meet those needs and how to meet them according to your spouses preferences is also vital. So, where do we begin? In sincerity, ask the question – “What do you need from me?” Don’t do so out of selfish or ulterior motivations, such as I will meet yours as long as you meet mine. No, love your spouse enough to meet their needs even though they may not be fully meeting all of yours. Its the Principle of Reciprocity. Sooner or later, you’re going to reap what you have sown! There is a great book entitled, His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair Proof Marriage that could be used as a resource and a starting point for this discussion with your spouse. In that book, the author, Wiilard F. Harley, list “His Needs and Her Needs” as follows. Yours may be different but at least this opens the door to discuss how you can begin to meet the needs of your spouse and develop a Maximized Marriage!

His Needs: What a Man Needs from His Wife
1. Sexual Fulfillment

2. Recreational Companionship

3. An Attractive Spouse

4. Domestic Support

5. Admiration

Her Needs: What a Woman Needs from Her Husband
1. Affection

2. Conversation

3. Honesty and Openness

4. Financial Commitment

5. Family Commitment

Until Next Time, Stay On Target!