What is the Object of your Faith?

Faith must have an object. Many Christians have allowed the object of their faith to be other things besides Jesus. Success, prosperity, fame, etc. pale in comparison to Christ! Put your faith once again in Him alone who can save you! If you have not strayed, remain faithful. His word promises that to the faithful, He shows Himself more faithful. Have faith in God!

The Word or the world

Everyday the world is seeking to press us into its image. There is a constant blurring of the lines between what is good and what is evil. What the Word calls sin, the world calls a lifestyle choice. Men are calling good evil and evil good! But for the Christian, there is to be one standard – the Word of God and not the world or men! God called us to be holy and distinct, not like the world but like His Word! One of the great things about this hour of compromise in which we live is that it allows for the authentic Christian to stand out. We are peculiar! We are set apart! We are pilgrims and strangers whose home is Heaven! Believer, don’t forfeit your birthright as Esau did for a few moments of pleasure. Stay with the Word! Rom. 12:1-2.

Who’s Leading Who?

One area many times leaders fail to examine is while they are leading others, who’s leading them? Self-leadership is critical. And for the Christian leader being lead by the Spirit of Christ is imperative. But we live in a day where unfortunately many Christian leaders are being led by the spirit of the age or some other spirit. Leaders, let’s examine ourselves and use the Word of God as the standard of examination. In the final analysis, how we have lead ourselves will be evaluated by the One who also gave us the call and His Word will be the standard He uses. #Leadwell

Stay On Target!

Viewer or Doer?

Many people spend their lives merely viewing the accomplishments of others. Social media, TV and the Internet occupy great amounts of “viewers” time. Admiration is fine but when you are a watcher versus a worker, your potential is lessened as you watch others maximize theirs. Viewers spend their time, in many cases, complaining about what they do not have instead of making the most of what they do possess. Doers take what they have and make what they want and don’t make excuses for not getting better each day. Doers give the viewers something to watch. So you choose – continue to sit around and be a media consumer or become a doer and make an uncommon contribution through the life you’ve been given. Praying for you to “get things done” for the glory of God!

Stay On Target!