Pushing Your Leader to Success – Part 1

Great Day!

Here is a lesson that all support leaders need to master.

Background Scriptures: Ep. 6:18-20; Lk. 18:3; Ga. 6:6; He. 13:16; 1 Ti. 5:17-18

No ministry will ever reach its maximum potential in God or carry out those things necessary for vision fulfillment without having a group of leaders who desire to see their leader and their ministry succeed. In this brief article are a few important elements to being the type of leader that “pushes his/her leader to success”!

Two critical definitions for our study:

Pushing – To press or urge forward; an advance against opposition; aggressive enterprise

Success – The fulfillment of a God-given assignment or calling

Ministry workers, servant leaders and the like must have a mind for pressing and urging the plan of vision of their leader forward against any and all opposition in an aggressive way for the purpose of fulfilling their leader’s (or set man’s) God-given assignment in the earth.

As a ministry worker or HELPS worker, I must be willing to consistently do whatever it takes to bring the vision of my leader and this local church to pass! This requires that …

–          I know that I will always serve someone else’s vision

–          I know that serving the vision of another is prerequisite to ultimately possessing my own

–          I know that as I serve my leader’s vision, I activate the Law of Reciprocity in my own life

–          I know that God will typically allow you to have Leah before He gives you Rachel

–          I know that relinquishing Rachel requires me to embrace Leah

 Pushing your Leader to Success demands that you be one who adds value to your leader and what he is assigned by God to do!

This requires:

Proper PerspectiveHow do I see my leader and what he has been called to do?

I must see my leader as:

–          The one God, Himself has set (Num. 27:16)

–          A “gift from God” (Jer. 3:15; Eph. 4:11)

–          The “key leader” in God’s leadership structure (James 3:4)

–          The person in charge; the one with the God-given responsibility to lead and direct the local church (Ezek 34:23)

–          One whose responsibilities affect every aspect of local church life (Heb. 3:5AMP)

I must see what my leader is called to do as a kingdom mandate and realize that as I do “it” first, according to God’s way of doing things, the “other” will be added to me (Mt. 6:33).

Proper PositioningAm I in the right position to be an asset to his success?

–          Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Financially, Organizationally, Educationally

Persistent PonderingHow much time do I devote towards: thinking through the vision, thinking through what God has revealed through my leader about the vision, considering my leader’s words and desires spoken out loud? How can I be a catalyst for bringing it to pass?

Prolific ProductivityDo I make the right things happen or do I simply take care of menial matters desiring ovations of approval?

You can in no way position your leader for success unless you follow these 10 keys:

Key #1 – Make sure your personal house is in order

Key #2 – Be a Load Lifter!

Key #3 – Sign up for the assignments others refuse to accept

Key #4 – Develop into a First Class Leader

Key #5 – Get more than your leader’s words, also get his heart!

Key #6 – Value your leader’s time

Key #7 – Be a “Go to Player”

Key #8 – Set your mind to constantly improve

Key #9 – Become a vision pusher

Key #10 – Exemplify the behavior your leader desires

(We will unfold these ten keys in our next installment here on the CGD webpage.)

What are the benefits of setting your leader up for success? (What’s in it for me?)

While you are seeking God’s kingdom first, according to God’s way of doing things, the other things will be added unto you!

Accomplishment – The realization of being a part of something historic, great and integral to the Kingdom of God!

Favor – it will arise from God, from your leader and those you assist him in serving

Promotion – Advancement in the Kingdom of God, the local church and/or secular assignments

Pleasing God – Owners get to carry a piece of God’s heart. When we desire the leader’s success, we are motivated to do all we do to God’s glory thus pleasing Him and receiving the blessings that arise from doing so!

Stay On Target!