Goal Setting Gems

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” Jim Rohn

Many of us, in preparation for the New Year, are either preparing to set goals or have already done so. I want to offer you a few encouraging thoughts so that 2014 is the year you accomplish more of the goals you set!

1) Be sure to adequately close out this year. Many times we experience frustration in a New Year because we failed to effectively close out the last.

2) Be sure your goals are written. And keep them where you can see them daily.

3) Be careful not to over do it. Many people never achieve their goals because they set to many. Prioritize.

4) Make sure you consider each aspect of your life and don’t limit your goal setting to only one.

5) Your goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound (SMART).

6) Always plan the necessary steps to turn goals into realities.

“Don’t set your goals too low. If you don’t need much, you won’t become much.” Jim Rohn

Stay On Target!

Expect No Change, Where Nothing Has Changed!

Merry Christmas!

As we move into another New Year, filled with great expectations, few of those expectations will be met unless there is change. If in your organization, the people who are to carry out the work of vision have not changed, the results you receive in 2014 will only be a repeat of what they accomplished in 2013. Keep in mind, your current structure and systems have been designed to produce the exact results you are receiving now!

So, what must you do? How must you and your organization or ministry change? What is your plan to:
– Get the right people in the right places
– Set in motion the right structures, and systems
– Evaluate and review, obtaining valuable feedback for what’s working and why as well as what’s not working and what should be done about it

Someone said, the definition of insanity is doing the same things but expecting different results. Unless you are claiming insanity, you must begin NOW to think through how and what and who must change in order that next year’s results blow this year’s outcomes out of the water.

I’m praying for you! Better is possible for you and your ministry or organization. Just remember, “Hope is not a strategy!” There must be an executed plan to truly change.

Stay on Target!

Must Read Books for Ministry Leaders!

Merry Christmas!

As you prepare your Personal Growth Plan for 2014, here are several must read books for ministry leaders who desire to be better in 2014!

Understanding Your Divine Calling by Apostle Otis Lockett
Simple Church by Thom Rainer
Driven by Eternity by John Bevere
Simplify Your Spiritual Life by Whitney
It by Craig Groeshel
Multiply by Francis Chan
Restoring the Order of Spiritual Fathers & Sons by Stevens
Can We Do That by Andy Stanley
The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
The Spirit Driven Church by Robnett & Quist
Ordering Your World by Gordon MacDonald

Good reading and until the next time Stay on Target!

15 Must Read Leadership Books

Merry Christmas!

Here are 15 powerful books that will help any leader get better! They make great Christmas gifts!

Good to Great by Jim Collins

360 Leader by John Maxwell

Vision to Execution by Lieutenant General Marvin L. Covault

Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels

Spiritual Leadership by Henry & Richard Blackaby

The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner

Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Chambers

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Hans Finzel

Effective Keys to Successful Leadership by Frank Damazio

Called to Lead by John MacArthur

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

The Creative Leader by Ed Young

In Charge by Dr. Myles Munroe

The Next Generation Leader by Andy StanleyLeading at a Higher Level by Ken Blanchard

When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 4

Merry Christmas!

Leaders who “know it all” but produce very little, is yet another means by which those who leaders others are having life sucked right out of them. The purpose of knowledge is to guide what we do. So those who claim to know everything but who produce very little are more hindrance than help. Leading people is challenging enough but leading those who claim to know but produce less than what they claim creates unnecessary suffering.

Every leader would prefer to be supported by those who take what they know, no matter how great or small and get things done with the knowledge they possess.

Biblically, knowledge and skill go hand and hand. Moses was able to get the Tabernacle built because he had individuals that did more than boast in having knowledge but who actually used that knowledge to get vision done. “And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See, the LORD hath called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship;” (Exodus 35:30-31). This man raised up by God to help effectuate vision had not only wisdom and understanding but he possessed knowledge and it was in all manner of workmanship. In other words, he knew what to do and was able to do it!

All those reading this post in a support role this is the type of support is what gives life to your leader. Endeavor to be this kind of help if you have not been before and if you have improve and teach others to be the same.

Stay On Target!

When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 3

Merry Christmas!

Leaders who show slow or no growth” is the third issue I’d like to discuss relative to those things that give those leaders leading them nightmares. Growth is not an option for those who serve leaders. As the leader continues to grow, so must those who are connected with each leader. Slow growth in a support leader is just as diminishing as no growth. They both zap the life out of a leader who is seeking to lead God’s people forward in His vision for their lives

The ministry environment requires growth and change to produce success. Change without growth is impossible. I have taught for years that every person in a leadership role must have and work an annual plan for personal growth. This plan must include an accountability partner or measures to ensure its implementation or consistency.

In the Word of God, the expectation for every believer and in particular those who lead is that we grow and mature in godliness and the things of God. This will not merely happen and must be the result of our diligent and deliberate actions.

Some suggested ideas for your personal growth plan include: What 2-3 books on leadership will you read this year? What leadership conference will you register for and attend? Which leadership blogs or podcasts will you read and listen to each month? On the journey of your leadership development, who will you take along with you? Who will hold you accountable?

Make the determination that you will not be the one person that slows down the forward progress of vision because you are not growing or are slow to grow in your leadership ability. Get a plan and work it!

Until next time, Stay On Target!

When Leading You Is Killing Me – Part 2

Merry Christmas!

“Leaders who are unprepared for their ministry assignments” is the second of fifteen ways those who are in support leadership roles are “killing” the leaders they have been called to serve beside. Whether it’s the inability to produce or even to find what is being asked for or the failure to pray, study and to prepare by the Spirit for what is next, any support leader that does not consistently ready themselves is draining precious life out of their leader. Those who come to meetings unprepared or with tasks that could have been completed undone fall into this category as well. Failure to remember what was assigned also falls here. It is your responsibility to become who you need to be, learn what you need to know and to get better at serving the vision to which you have been connected. Be in place, be on time, be prepared and be your best!

The bottom-line is that if you are called to support – be ready, be prepared and refuse to be one who hinders the vision because you simply did not do your part due to a lack of preparation!

When Nehemiah shared his God-given vision with the leaders who were to help him bring it to past, the Bible says they strengthened their hands or readied themselves for the work. Your leader needs you to be prepared! Not getting ready but READY! Otherwise, you are aiding in their “demise”.

It has been said that “expectation breeds manifestation.” I agree, but I believe that “prior preparation” comes first in this equation. Be prepared!

Until next time, Stay on Target!